The following management team is leading the Monvest initiative in Mongolia and around the region

   Dr. Nixon Yap

Dr. Nixon Yap is a leading Malaysian entrepreneur with activities in the entertainment, travel and leisure (ETL) industry as well as in the area of mining and real estate development.

Dr. Yap is Executive Chairman of Monvest Inc. and is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the business. In addition, Dr. Yap is the Chairman of the following companies. Uniagrow (M) Sdn. Bhd, Asia EM Studio (M) Sdn. Bhd, Karani International Ltd., and Asia Morgan Foundation Financial Ltd.

Dr. Yap has assumed a top or senior director position at the following companies: Asia Entertainment Media Ltd, Trust Management (Cambodia) Co., Ltd., Uni Argrow (Cambodia) Co., Ltd., Neo Soft (M) Sdn. Bhd., United Central Finance Holdings, United Central International Bank Ltd, UPAY International Corporation Ltd., ECSP (Shenzhen) Ltd., MYOE Network Pte.

Dr. Yap maintains a profile with a number of important associations and bodies. He is a member of the Hedge Fund Group (USA), Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) and the Hedge Fund Association. Dr. Nixon is a Founding Member of the The World Thinkers Panel on the Sustainable Future of Humankind (WTP-SFH), Executive Director of China Business Association and Vice Chairman of China Business Association.

Dr. Yap holds doctorate degrees from International Open University for Complementary Medicines, Ansted University and Inter-American University. Dr. Yap has received the following awards: Ansted Social Responsibility International Award, AEA-International Distinguished Entrepreneur Leader, Asia Pacific International Entrepreneur Excellent Award, Asia Pacific Top CEO (Global Business Magazine) and Excellent Emerging Entrepreneur (Asia Pacific International Entrepreneur Excellence Award).

Julian Alson Suciawan

Alson Suciawan is the Mongolia-based President of Monvest Inc. Singaporean Alson Suciawan is responsible for daily operations of the business from Ulaan Bataar and Singapore.

Alson Suciawan is an expert in sales and marketing, with experience in the competitive Singaporean marketplace. formerly Alson Suciawan served as the Director of New Power Communications, a Sales & Marketing Director at Neo Sonic Pte. Ltd.

Alson Suciawan is a holder of the Financial Advisers M5, M9, HI licenses in Capital Markets and has passed the Financial Advisory Services (CMFAS) exams. He holds an Advanced Diploma in IT and Systems with a major in Networking (Informatics).

Chia Lee Tuang

Mr. Chia Lee Tuang is currently the Treasurer of Monvest Inc, responsible for financial affairs and accounting.

(HK) and Uniagrow Snd. Bhd. (Malaysia) respectively. Formerly, Chia worked as CEO of Zenith Union Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia).

Chia is a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) and holder of Diploma in Industrial Engineering, INTI International University of Malaysia. He is National Champion, Malaysia Speaker Association Motivation Speech Competition in 2005 and Central Committee Member of the Youth of Federal Teochew Association Malaysia, United Youth Movement Malaysia and Central Committee Member, Xiang Lian Organisation Malaysia.

Company Secretary
Jonathan Wong Wen Pin

Mr. Wong serves as the Company Secretary for Monvest Inc., responsible for administration and corporate affairs. Wong has worked in a number of marketing positions over his career.

Wong has previously held the post of General Manager of Gallery Building Materials Sdn Bhd, Director of Stone Collection Sdn Bhd, Sales & Marketing Director of Wave Electronics (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, Operation Manager of Hexagon North Sdn Bhd and Channel Sales Executive of Carlsberg Malaysia Bhd.

Wong has obtained a BA degree in Marketing from University of East London and with Foundation Studies at Multimedia University of Malaysia.