Lottery Products

In the first phase of its lottery operations, Monvest will roll out 150 lottery distribution outlets for BizINVIN across Ulaan Bataar. The initial products the 6-Digit (6-Numbe99rs or 6D) 6/42 lotto Jackpot with a cost of 500 tugrik per ticket. Another 150 lottery outlets and two new games are planned for the second phase of expansion in 2012.

Modern Capital will sell lottery tickets through a network of outlets in Ulaan Baatar and other major cities and towns. A central operations center will be established at the Ulaan Baatar head office in a secure location. Computer terminals will be installed at outlets, which will be linked to a central computer system. The hardware and software for the network will be imported from overseas and expertise for the management, operations and technical support for the computerized lottery system will be provided.

Basically there are two types of lottery games – passive (or traditional lottery) and active. BizINVIN is licensed to do both schemes, and Modern Capital will support roll-out of a series of passive and active games over time. A passive lottery is where a pre-printed serially numbered lottery is sold to the public. The player does not choose the number that he buys. Once a ticket is purchased the player waits for the draw to take place, usually once a month or fortnightly. The operator provides ticket numbers.

In an active lottery the players choose his favourite numbers from a set of numbers. An active lottery depends on the computer system to record and generate the numbers produced and tickets sold. In the popular 6/42 lotto game a player chooses a combination of numbers from l to 42. The player strikes the Jackpot if all 6 numbers chosen are drawn and they need not be in sequential order. If nobody strikes the Jackpot, the prize will continue to accumulate to future draws until a winner is chosen. Active lotteries are most popular in Europe, US, Australia, New Zealand and South-East Asia, where such lotteries have increased consumer spending and contributed to revenue raised by the government.