Chairman’s Message

Chairman Dr. Nixon Yap
Great Entrepreneurs Have Vision, Not Just Ideas

Today’s business leaders are full of ideas, theories and information. Many have extraordinary knowledge and impressive expertise. Some are highly skilled andgiven their traditional way of doing business they may have been successful in the past. However, in the fast changing world of our contemporary times, where the challenges of globalization must be addressed daily, success calls for business to search for new ways, value-added processes and innovative products.

Efficiency and structure are everything in the modern business arena. In addition, I am a great believer of the power of information technology (IT) to support or leverage business. And, I feel that it is sometimes necessary to work with competitors for the common good of an entire industry. That is simply the way the new dynamic falls.

Monvest is a new addition to a diversified business that ranges from investment funds, management consulting, networking, real estate management, property development, mining, entertainment, media and finance. Over the last two decades, we have developed a team of highly qualified international consultants and managers. Our aim is to grow globally and to leverage on strategic alliances to increase our base further, improve profitability and provide a wider range of services to corporations in China, across the Asian region and around the world.

Our corporate philosophy as a Group is relatively straightforward: by assumingwell-calculated risks, we aim to generate superior returns for investors through venture investments in the emerging markets of Asia Pacific. Our objective is to maximize the value of investments in promising companies with high growth potential to deliver superior returns to our shareholders while maintaining a balanced portfolio across countries and industry sectors.Monvest and its activities in the exciting market of Mongolia is an important component of this vision.