6D Jackpot

In the 6D Jackpot lottery a player selects a 6 digit number in the series “000000” to “999999”. The cost of one ticket is 500 tugrik plus 50 tugrik of VAT, and each ticket is entitled to win one prize. To win a prize, the player selects the digits in correct order: for example 345678 and 876543 are 2 different sets of numbers. Modern Capital staff keys in the numbers into the computer and the sales terminal acknowledges by issuing a printed ticket to the player. The player can purchase tickets at any of the lottery sales outlets.

The 6D Jackpot Draw will be conducted using 6 drums, each with 10 numbered balls (number 0-9). One number is to be drawn randomly by a machine from each of the drums to produce the winning number. Members of the public and the relevant government authority witness the Draw to prevent any manipulation of the result.

This 6D Jackpot offers a player multiple chances to win. If the player misses the First Prize, he can still win other prizes if his 6 digits tally with the first or last digit of the First Prize. Prizes offered for the 6D Jackpot are substantial as shown in the table below. For conversion purposes you may use US$1=333 Tugrik.

Prize Category Winning Combinations Winnings per 500 Tugrik Ticket
6D Jackpot 6 digits drawn 50,000,000 Tugrik (min.)
2nd Prize First 5 or last 5 digits of Jackpot 1,500,000 Tugrik
3rd Prize First 4 or last 4 digits of Jackpot 150,000 Tugrik
4th Prize First 3 or last 3 digits of Jackpot 15,000 Tugrik
Consolation Prize First 2 or last 2 digits of Jackpot 1,000 Tugrik

Betting and prize payment are subject to the conditions and rules as amended, extended or applied and approved by or under any written law with respect to 6D lottery. Draws are planned three times a week – Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Bets can be placed up to three draws in advance. All prize winnings can be claimed from any lottery outlet.

The Prize Pool is equal to 55% of the Total Stake Collection, which is the amount of bets made on each draw. Jackpot I is 30% of the Prize Pool plus any accumulated amount brought forward from the previous draws. Jackpot II is 13% of the Prize Pool plus any accumulated amount brought forward from the previous draws. If there is more than one winner for the Jackpot, it will be divided among the winners, based on the bet amount each winner placed.

All winning tickets are to be paid out by BizINVIN, except the consolation prizes paid at the outlets by a Modern Capital representative. To protect the interest of the players the operator shall issue a bank guarantee to honour all winning tickets. All guaranteed prizes will be paid in cash immediately the following day. Guaranteed prizes in cash will be paid accordingly to the category of prizes won. All the results drawn will be published in the local media such as TV and newspapers.