6/42 Lotto Product

The 6/42 Lotto is as simple as picking 6 of your favourite numbers from a set of numbers from 1 to 42. The player then purchases a ticket for 550 Tugrik, including a 50 Tugrik VAT tax, and selects of 6 numbers from any of the lottery sales outlets. If the player does not have favourite numbers, the player can go with a “Lucky Pick” where the winning number is randomly generated by a computer terminal.

In the 6/42 Lotto draw the machine randomly draws 6 main numbers plus l bonus number for a total of 7 numbers) from a set of balls numbered l to 42 placed in a drum. Members of the public and the relevant government authority will be invited to participate and witness the draw. The results will be published in all major newspapers in Mongolia.

There will be 6 prizes to be awarded for the correct matching numbers inclusive of two (2) Jackpots. The prize pool is equal to 55% of the total stake collection, defined as the total amount of tickets sold for each draw. Jackpot I is 30% of the Prize Pool plus any accumulated amount brought forward from the previous draws. Jackpot II is 13% of the Prize Pool plus any accumulated amount brought forward from the previous draws. If there is more than one winner for the Jackpot, it will be divided among the winners, based on the bet amount each winner placed. If the Jackpot is not won, the amount will accumulate to the next draw. The Jackpot will keep accumulating until a player strikes the matching numbers.

Prize Category Winning Combinations Winnings per 500 Tugrik Ticket
1st Prize 6 main numbers 120,000,000 Tugrik (min.)
2nd Prize 5 main numbers plus bonus no. 12,000,000 Tugrik (min.)
3rd Prize 5 main numbers 900,000 Tugrik
4th Prize 4 main numbers plus bonus no. 300,000 Tugrik
5th Prize 4 main numbers 12,000 Tugrik
Consolation Prize 3 main numbers plus bonus no. 9,000 Tugrik