Welcome to Monvest Inc.

Monvest Inc. (Monvest) was formed by Malaysian entrepreneur Dr. Nixon Yap to engage in the management and operation of lottery businesses in the emerging market of Mongolia.

Monvest operates in Mongolia under Modern Capital Vest LLC. (Modern Capital) based in the capital city of Ulaan Baatar. Modern Capital operates lottery businesses in Mongolia with BizINVIN LLC (BizINVIN).

Modern Capital’s role is to manage and operate the lottery outlets while BizINVIN provides the lottery system, prizes payout and marketing support. BizINVIN and Modern Capital will launch two games…MoreBEN

On 25th of this month, the new brand of “National Lottery” started business officially in Chinggis Khan Hotel. “National Lottery” has already completed relevant preparations planning to issue two kinds of lotteries including the highest bonus or 50 million and 120 million Tugrik.

The most interesting feature of “National Lottery” lies in the concept of “jackpot” or that bonus will rise without upper limit before the lucky prize winner appears. “Commercial and Modern Capital”, a joint venture between Mongolia and Australia, introduced the lottery with great number of bonus into Mongolia for the first time, which has been issued widely worldwide.

National Lottery” draws the winning numbers of a lottery on days with even numbers weekly or three times a week, whose feature is that each participant joins in the activity not according to numbers printed previously but to the numbers based on his/her own selections and interests. In other word, each week there are three lucky ones having the chances to win the bonus up to 120 million Tugrik with their own lucky numbers and another three lucky ones having the chance to win bonus of 50 million Tugrik. You can find a lot of other interesting online casino games when visiting that site – www.topratedonlinecasinos.org

During the opening ceremony of the event, in addition to representatives of social activists, business, art and culture attended the ceremony, investors from Australia, the United States, Singapore, and Malaysia also came to support and welcome the National Lottery which will bring new opportunities and actual fortune to Mongolians.

In 2011, “Commercial and Modern Capital” Company provides more than 200 jobs for the capital of Mongolia. However, only Ulan Bator has the conditions to participate in the National Lottery but other regions cannot.

“Mega Millions belongs to Americans, Oz Lotto belongs to Australians and National Lottery belongs to Mongolians…”